Design of fields for function and compliance to international sporting body standards

Artificial Turf today has advanced leaps and bounds from first conception in 1963. Today artificial turf is endorsed and accredited by many sports bodies for competitive sports such as soccer, rugby, hockey, American football, Australian Football and tennis. AST carries accredited products for all these sports and is able to provide turnkey solutions to supply and construct sports facilities including civil engineering works in accordance to standards required.

AST understands the intricacies of artificial turf and is able to adapt and design artificial turf systems for other sports where international standards are not available. AST understands every field and customer is unique and every field should be adapted to its users and needs. AST is available to answer your queries on artificial turf for sports applications, call us now for a complimentary consultation anytime.

Construction of civil engineering structures and drainage systems to receive synthetic turf (or artificial turf) surface

The durability and performance of a sports facility is not only measured by the durability and performance of the sports surface. Failure of the base receiving these sports surfaces will result in failure of the sports surfaces as well.

Sports construction is a unique branch of construction where precision, stability and durability demands of foundations far exceed conventional construction norms. AST understands these differences and have invested in specialist equipment including laser control equipment to achieve these high standards of construction. AST has a team of trained installers who understands this and can provide the attention and care to installations to international standards.

Synthetic turf installation

Similar to the foundations that sports surfaces are laid on, the method of installation or joining artificial turf seams will affect the durability of sports surfaces. AST has a complete range of installation techniques for different sports surfaces to match the lifespan of the durability of the sports surface. AST is committed in investing in capabilities in artificial turf installation to deliver lasting installations.



Sports Field testing

Sports fields are designed to meet the stringent requirements of sports bodies for competitive sports. Sports field testing provides the assurance and peace of mind the field meets sporting requirements. Be it andold or new field, sports field tests can be conducted to ensure fields are built and maintained to requirements.