Artificial Grass and Artificial Vertical Gardens today have been developed to look like real foliage and last the outdoors. Artificial Grass and Vertical Gardens complements natural grass and vertical gardens and allows us to maximise the greenery around us. For urbanites this greening movement allows us to have our green sanctuary within our urban living environment. AST has developed products and solutions to maximise greenery around our living space and increase property values. For homes, businesses, developments, malls and offices, AST has a suite of solutions that can add value to our properties. Some of our products and solutions are:

  1. Greening spaces such as roofs, carparks, basements, playgrounds, ESS (Electrical sub-station roofs) which were previously not possible with artificial turf and artificial green walls to enhance property value.
  2. Green Landscapes provide a soothing and relaxing environment for rehabilitation. With minimal or no maintenance, these landscapes can extend the healing space indoors.
  3. Providing low maintenance functional facilities like  putting greens, mini driving ranges, futsal fields,green social spaces to add value to properties.
  4. Provide sound absorption to office lobbies, restaurants, nurseries and homes by using artificial green walls and vertical gardens with sound management systems.
  5. Artificial landscapes can be used to cover up Unsightly Areas in Buildings, Beautify Office Reception Areas and Create grand office entrances
  6. Artificial Vertical Gardens or Green Walls reduce maintenance costs by complementing or replacing foliage that do not strive in urban or changes to the urban environment.
  7. Artificial Turf provides durable spaces for social events and reduces maintenance costs required to maintain a natural lawn for activities.