Design and layout of futsal facilities for compliance with International sporting body and local regulatory standards

Futsal or small sided soccer can be played with different number of team members. From 3 to 9 aside soccer, the way the game is played can vary. Having worked on the local futsal scene since conception, AST understands the demands and trends for amateur and leisure soccer play as well as regulatory requirements. AST understand these subtle differences, needs and regulations and have developed different solutions to maximise player experience while balancing the investment budget for our customers.

AST believes in providing the best value solution for our clients and we will work towards tailoring our solutions to our clients.

Construction of netting enclosure systems with supporting structures

Futsal facilities are usually set up near residential and commercial areas to be near their catchment areas. Playing soccer in close proximity to neighbours requires careful planning. Enclosures not only prevent stray balls injuring pedestrian and damaging property, they can be adapted to mitigate light spray and sound. But most important of all, enclosures should be designed safe for the users and AST goes through all these details to make safe facilities for users.